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Ceramics frequent anti-dumping and then want to file for Brazil and Argentina
Release time:2014/04/16

Yesterday (July 28), "Daily News" reporter from the China Ceramic Industry Association, Foshan Office was informed, Brazil and Argentina on their way to the implementation of anti-dumping of Chinese ceramics.

If the official filing, the formation of South Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Brazil, Argentina and the European Union from the east, south and west form a tripartite export of Chinese ceramics completely avoided. Some analysts believe that the market lost one, which means the door to exports of Chinese ceramics is slowly being closed.

Three sides Chuge

Foshan, China Ceramic Industrial Association, Office blue guards in the "Daily News" reporter, said that Brazil and Argentina have already mentioned, the basic filing no problem, he said, can be predicted is that the anti-dumping duty should be quite high, of course, depends on the final country to country as a reference, if, as the European Union, the choice of the United States for reference, the high tax rate is positive.
In fact, only the first half of this year, involving anti-dumping incident ceramics have more than .3, the EU's largest ceramic history of China anti-dumping investigation officially announced the preliminary results, the majority of enterprises with 73% tax rate; mid-July , Korea's anti-dumping cases tile final determination is made, the collection of Chinese ceramic tile manufacturer, ranging from 9.14% -29.41% anti-dumping duty.

If Brazil and Argentina and then on the export of Chinese ceramics anti-dumping investigation, the Chinese ceramic industry will face a situation of being attacked on three sides in the east, South Korea, in south Thailand, Pakistan, India and Brazil and Argentina, in west Europe Asian countries present, in addition to the north have had no state-sponsored Chinese ceramic products for anti-dumping investigation, the other three have "Chu Ge" bursts.The north of the "peace" seems to be the same for the Russian market has just been opened, the share of exports of Chinese ceramics in this region is not accounted for, so no anti-dumping investigation into the incident.

Why are more and more countries to join the anti-dumping investigation of Chinese ceramics the team come from? Blue Guard speculated that Brazil and Argentina to China's anti-dumping, the EU anti-dumping may be a chain reaction, and this chain reaction is likely to continue to expand.
Foshan Ceramics Co., Ltd., chairman of Ascot Goff Chen Yanbin in the "Daily News" reporter, also said that the EU played a leading role in other countries to see the success of this anti-dumping, have followed suit, while the United States as a reference to anti-dumping investigation of third-party countries, as long as filing, almost all of China can be identified as anti-dumping.

Two, the really low export prices of Chinese ceramics are also important factors.