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Asia Offers The Best Real Estate Investing
Release time:2014/04/16

Heffernan Capital Management remain bullish on Real Estate in Asia despite the global slowdown. “property in the main business centers of Asia offer great long term value now” said Shayne Heffernan.

“Strong demand for Office, Hotels, and Inner-City Residential will remain strong in Asia as the local Economy outpaces the world economy for the next decade at least” he added.

This market is fast becoming a regional market, as we stated previously, Indonesians, Chinese and Indians, are listed as the top foreign buyers of real estate, Singapore authorities say.

The latest data from the Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), states that 1,706 Indonesians, including those who are listed as permanent residents in Singapore, purchased private homes last year.

This trend is being repeated in every major destination in Asia.
Not only Real Estate, but Real Estate Developers and local REITs are well worth buying now.