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About Starmax lnt’l
Starmax Int'l Group Co.,Limited. Started in the year 1998 to be the Industrial arm in the field of building materials manufacturing for special projects, implementing the concept of the "One Stop Shop" in one Industrial Park towards providing the construction material needed to all contractors and developers. Under its umbrella, it includes the top Mfg companies controlled by the group in the field of Porcelain,Marble,Granite,Wood,Metal/Aluminium,
Plastic & Rubber,Fabric,Etc in addition to our division in the field of Logistics services.
Starmax int'l Co limited as affiliated with 38 manufacturing company's, we have our own sub-plants and the independent import and export licence.They are exported to USA, France, Italy, Germany, Spain,Brazil,Panama,Mexico,middle East and enjoying a good reputation for the high quality at Manufacturing compatible prices.
Starmax int'l has a highly skilled and experienced workforce and from our modern facilities we manufacture and supply a national and international customer base.Starmax Int'l specialises in the manufacture of building supplies to Hotels,malty family Homes,Office Buildings,Malls,Wholesale Co,Government programs,Etc. from the first steps to the final product.
Starmax Int'l provides the finest in custom upholstery and furnishing,both wood and metal,our work rooms specialize craftsmanship and attention to detail,offering a full spectrum of wood/stone and finishes as well as finely tailored upholstery - Tand always to the designer's specifications.
Starmax Int'l QA strategy is to control our processes from the raw materials until the finished product every step of the way with the full rare & tare code in a high quality management system, with a disciplined and experienced workforce that can react to any situation.
Starmax int'l has modern facilities which includes laser cutting, profiling, Inject machining, fitting,assembly and inspection – all of which is carried out by highly trained and experienced staff.
Our staff is here to help you.with years of experience,we know the design business well and can guide the professional designer and architect from the beginning concepts to the final installations,both small and large.we look forward to meeting with you and helping you in your projects.